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Mercy in the Age of Relativism

The Year of Mercy has been an occasion for many to rightfully mourn the fact that we live in a world where the concept of sin is considered by some to be outdated and meaningless.

Mercy is dependent on justice and the concept of sin because when God shows us mercy, it is so he can forgive our sins.

So what meaning does mercy have in a world that does not believe in sin?

I used to not believe in sin. I was an atheist who had a moment of instantaneous conversion back to belief in God. However, my journey back to the Church was not so immediate. It was a slow and gradual process. It was a process in which God and other Christians showed me love, patience and acceptance as I stumbled along. Finally, I began to intellectually assent to the teaching authority of the Church, including sin as defined by the Church.

But in the early months of my conversion, my repentance and my sins were not God’s focus. The focus was how much God loved me. I’ll never forget the feeling of those first months. I walked around as if cradled in the hand of the Creator, simply basking in his loving gaze.

And I continued sinning. Seriously.

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