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5 Catholic phrases that need to go away, now


Within Catholic social media, there exists a plethora of phrases that get bandied about with an atrocious regularity.

I’m not talking about liturgical phrases or phrases coined by papal encyclicals, but rather those invented by well-meaning lay folks which have taken on a life of their own and have led to shrugs, eye rolls, and face palms from those of us who just…can’t…even.

After doing a little crowd-sourcing on Twitter to discover what a range of Catholics feel are deserving of dialectic capital punishment, here is the definitive list of the five phrases that need to be cut from the everyday Catholic lexicon:

“Modest is hottest” 

The topic of modesty can be a hot button issue. From knee-length skirts to mantillas at Mass, there’s a huge (and largely positive) push for Catholic women to recognize their value and dignity are not based on turning a man’s head as they walk by.

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