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Kresta in the Afternoon – June 10, 2015

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on June 10, 2015


4:00 – Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God

How can we more effectively navigate our pathway to God? How do we know which way to go? What “blind spots” are slowing us down? Dan Burke joins us to tackle these questions.


5:00 – Faith in Flint: One Dioceses’ Effort to Regenerate a Violent, Poor, Unemployed but Once-Vibrant Town  

Flint, Michigan ranks among the top cities nationwide in a variety of bad statistics and has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the country. Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing has a plan to change that. His new initiative, Faith in Flint, will help residents grow closer to God and develops skills to improve their lives. Bishop Boyea tells us about it.


5:20 – What will Pope Francis Focus on in the Encyclical…The Environment? Stewardship of the Earth? Global Warming? 

Bishop Oscar Cantu gives a preview of Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment.

5:40 — My Personal Conversion Story

Okan Kulan, a Turkish tour guide who works with Steve Ray, joins us in studio all the way from Istanbul. Okan has just entered full communion with the Catholic Church. He tells us his conversion story.

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