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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 2, 2015

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on March 2, 2015

4:00 – Finding Jesus: The Mysteries of the Shroud of Turin

Last night CNN aired an hour-long program about the history and mystery of the Shroud of Turin, which many believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus. A 1988 carbon dating test said the shroud dates back no further than the 13th century, but many believe this test to be inaccurate. We speak with John Jackson, leader of a shroud research team.  

4:20- Putin Critic Killed

Outspoken Vladimir Putin critic Boris Nemstov was murdered this weekend in Moscow near Red Square. George Weigel joins us to discuss the assassination, as well as the ongoing struggles in Ukraine.

4:40 – World Chaos and the Spread of the Gospel 

John Kerry claims that America and the world face fewer threats to peace than they have in years. Yet Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reports that 2014 was the deadliest year for terrorism in the 45 years that data has been gathered. Al feels the world is in a state of chaos and uncertainty not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis. How did the world get to this point? And what does it mean for spreading the gospel? George Weigel stays with us for this discussion.

5:00 – Kresta Comments: Georgia Woman Faces Execution: So Much for Rehabilitation

Kelly Gissendaner is scheduled to be executed tonight for her involvement in the 1997 murder of her husband, Douglas Gissendaner. More than 400 clergy have signed an open letter to state officials asking that she be granted clemency. Since her arrest, Gissendaner has received a degree from Chandler School of Theology and has been instrumental in counseling other prisoners. One could say she is the definition of rehabilitation, yet she still faces execution. Al has comments.

5:20 – Netanyahu to AIPAC: We’ve Acted Alone before – and We’ll do it Again

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke today before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. He said that, despite the controversy surrounding his address to Congress tomorrow, the US and Israel will maintain a strong relationship. Jim Phillips joins us to discuss both speeches and the current state of US-Israeli relations.

5:40 – Attacks on Abp. Cordileone Led by SF PR Firm

Anne Hendershott is here with background info on the publicist who has been hired to blacklist Archbishop Cordileone, who simply wants Catholic schools to hire teachers who will be in accordance with Church teachings. She’ll debunk the attacks made on Cordileone and what he is trying to accomplish.


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