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4,000 Christians Beaten by Police in Vietnam for Protesting Against Dumping Toxic Waste Into the Sea


Four thousand Catholics from the town of Ky Anh in Vietnam were beaten by police after they led an anti-pollution protest against the government, following the contamination of 70 tons of fish from waste dumped into the sea.

Asia News reports that the Christians were protesting against a fish-related environmental disaster that has gripped the country and threatens to leave hundreds of fishing families hungry.

After nearly 70 tons of fish died allegedly because of pollution caused by Formosa Plastic Group, a steel company that dumped waste into the sea, Christian fishing families affected by the pollution marched at municipal offices in Ky Anh town, but were blocked and beaten by police barricades, leaving several people injured by truncheon blows.

Phuong, one of the protesters identified in the report, said: “On Aug. 15 we decided to march to the offices of the town but the police had blocked all access to the highway.”


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