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4 Paintings of the Crucifixion that you probably haven’t seen

With images in churches veiled, here are four painted Crucifixion scenes that are moving but have not been widely exhibited in recent years. There was once a time when the place for Catholics to see such a representation was at the altar. Now they attract crowds at museums, auction houses and private collections. It requires imagination to view them as they were once intended when they are no longer accompanied by incense and the murmur of prayer at Mass. Here are four that will never be seen in a sacred setting.

1. Back on view: Ugolino di Nerio

This early painted depiction of the Crucifixion is in the Courtauld Gallery, London. Hidden for three years as the building was renovated, it is now on view again, alongside some of the greatest works of the Renaissance. The artist’s use of gold and bright red was highly innovative when it was painted in 1320 as part of an altarpiece. The different pieces have been scattered across major collections. This section would have been the most significant. Rather than showing the Virgin Mary and St. Mark with the crucified Christ, there are the figures of the donors who paid for this austere masterpiece.

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