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3 years after aborted fetus found in trunk, remains buried in Green Oak Township

A funeral for what pro-life activists say was a seven-week-old aborted baby they named Michael-Gabrielle was held on Saturday in Green Oak Township.

Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, a national anti-abortion organization locally based in South Lyon, estimated that about 150 people attended the mass celebrated by Fr. John Rocus at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church and followed by a burial. Miller said the burial was the first in Livingston County for an aborted fetus.

“When we placed his or her body in the earth it was the only work of mercy this aborted human will ever know,” Miller said. “And when we stand at the grave we commit ourselves to fight for a culture of life and an end to abortion.”

The aborted fetus was one of 15 in jars found by police in the trunk of Michael Roth’s impounded car after he struck a pedestrian in September of 2015 in West Bloomfield Township. Police also found medications in the vehicle that were stolen from an Eastpointe abortion clinic where Roth had worked on occasion.

Casimir Miarka, administrator for the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s office, said law enforcement brought the jars found in Roth’s vehicle to her office on Oct. 8, 2015 for identification of the contents. He said the case did not fall under the jurisdiction of the medical examiner’s office, which investigates and determines cause and manner of death in any violent, sudden, unexpected, suspicious or otherwise unexplained death.

“We deal with someone who has taken a breath and then passes,” Miarka said. “Law enforcement brought it here so we could see what they were.”

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