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3 Sickening Truths About Aborted Fetus Trafficking We Learned From The Daleiden Hearings

This article contains explicit and gruesome information about live human dismemberment.

New details about the trafficking of aborted baby body parts emerged over the last two weeks, as witnesses and Planned Parenthood employees testified during hearings for undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.

Daleiden and Merritt of the Center For Medical Progress face 13 felony counts of illegal videotaping and one count of conspiracy to illegally videotape after they released undercover videos in 2015, exposing Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in aborted baby body parts. The preliminary hearings held in San Francisco courtrooms last week were intended to determine if there is probable cause to charge Daleiden and Merritt, but ultimately revealed more about the violent crimes of abortion industry titans Planned Parenthood and StemExpress.

Daleiden told The Federalist that the hearings closed out with “incredible, unbelievably powerful sworn testimonies from two expert witnesses.” Here is more about what was revealed on the witness stand.

1. Beating Fetal Hearts Used In Research Are Harvested From Living Babies

Daleiden took the stand for the first time last week, where he testified that when he began investigating the fetal tissue harvesting industry, a focus of his research was a 2012 Stanford University study that used live human baby hearts provided by StemExpress, a human tissue procurement company. As part of the study’s methods, it used a Langendorff apparatus, which Daleiden said he discovered was “designed to keep fluid pumping through a heart that has been cut out of a body.”

Daleiden said he contacted Dr. Theresa Deisher, an expert in stem cell research with a doctorate in molecular and cellular physiology, who told him that “the fetus would have to be alive at the time the organs were harvested” for use in a Langendorff apparatus, Daleiden said.

Deisher also testified last Wednesday, the last day of hearings, where she said that a heart requires energy to relax after contracting, and if it contracts after it “runs out of energy,” it is unusable for research.

“It has to be beating and immediately go on the Langendorff,” Deisher said, or “be arrested in a relaxed state while it was still beating and subsequently put on a Langendorff.”

Deiser said it was very clear the abortionists’ tactics were intentional. “They want those babies coming out with beating hearts,” she said.

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