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3 Powerful devotions for Good Friday

Good Friday is the most somber day in the liturgical calendar, a day to remember Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of his life.

In many ways it is not a pleasant day, as it is a day that focuses on death and the suffering our sin caused Jesus.

Yet, Jesus invites us to accompany him on his road to Calvary, as Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus bear the weight of the cross behind Our Lord.

Here are 3 powerful devotions for Good Friday that can bring us closer to Jesus in his passion.

Pray the Stations of the Cross as if you were there

The imagination is extremely important in prayer. You could say that God imagined the world into existence. He imagined the earth and the sky and you and me. Our imagination hence is a gift God has given us to be true co-creators, so that we can imagine a world through him. St. Ignatius taught that the imagination was vital for prayer because it’s a way of expressing our heads and our hearts, which are divinely connected to God. Just imagine for a moment the Sign of the Cross and see how when we intone the Father and the Son we are connecting the head and the heart. You could say that the imagination is the product of that relationship. Specifically, the imagination joins us with Jesus when we use that gift in meditating on something like the Stations of the Cross.

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