• Let Folly be Our Cloak – Gandalf and the Wisdom of Spiritual Foolishness

    During the decisive “Council of Elrond” chapter in The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf suggests a plan that is not only dangerous but absurd: to walk into Mordor and attempt to destroy the One Ring of Power. It seems foolish, which een Gandalf admits, but the folly of the endeavor... Read more
  • Urgent Prayer Request from Dan & Stephanie Burke

    My friends, I’ve never needed you more. Many of you have heard by now that Dan and I tested positive for COVID-19 last week and have been very sick. Dan always knew that he was in the high-risk category and that if he contracted this virus it could be difficult to recover As the illness... Read more
  • The Saints in Heaven are Quite Aware of Events on Earth

    I drew the following from a very enjoyable dialogue with a friend who is a traditional Anglican philosopher. There are various biblical indications that the saints in heaven are quite aware of what is happening on the earth.  Here is one of the clearest: Hebrews 12:1 (RSV)... Read more
  • The Annunciation and the re-dedication of England to Our Lady

    King Richard II (1377-1399), in the 14th century, formally dedicated England to Mary, giving the country into her care as her Dowry. This has long been of great importance for Catholics in England. A painting, known as the Wilton Diptych, shows the king kneeling before Our Lady, with a... Read more
  • My Persecuted Family in East Africa

    The first half of December 2019 is a blur to me. I covered at least 1,750 miles in less than two weeks, visiting some of the most remote areas I have ever seen. I drove for hours into the jun­gle, eventually walking when the roads ran out. But all of this traveling was worth it to me, as I... Read more
  • Fr. Berardelli was a man of self-sacrifice, but reports of a donated respirator are not true

    While Fr. Giuseppe Berardelli is remembered fondly by those who knew him as a man of kindness and self-sacrifice, the reports of a donated respirator passed along to a younger patient are not true, the secretary general of his diocese told CNA Tuesday. "There was not a donated respirator.... Read more
  • Christ Provides the Antidote to Fear Amid Coronavirus

    The global coronavirus pandemic has made it clear how interconnected, vulnerable and fragile mankind is--and how undivided we are in our unity against death.  As fear of this disease haunts Americans' minds and hearts to the point it's paralyzing our nation, I'm reminded how many times... Read more
  • Pope: Personnel, priests caring for COVID-19 patients are heroes

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- With the number of priests and religious dying from coronavirus-related illnesses rising, Pope Francis offered his prayers for those who died after being infected helping COVID-19 patients and their communities. At least 50 priests, four nuns and at least 24 doctors... Read more
  • Pope calls all Christians to pray Our Father together, March 25 at noon

    Pope Francis has invited all Christians of the globe to unite on March 25 at noon to pray the Our Father together — so that as the entire world is suffering from the pandemic, so the Lord might hear all of Christendom united in prayer. On March 25, Catholics and many Christians... Read more
  • The Coronavirus Cross: Bringing Faith, Hope and Love to a Hurting World

    It’s often said that with God, there are no mere coincidences. So the overlap of the explosion of the global COVID-19 pandemic with this year’s Holy Week celebrations should give cause for Catholics to engage in some serious reflection about what this unanticipated juxtaposition... Read more