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2020 Vision: Let Us See Through Eyes of Faith

On the surface, if we look at the past 12 months in our chaotic society and the life of the Catholic Church, we are left straining to find rays of hope. Political, social and religious confusion reigns. News outlets that are more concerned with ratings than truth vent toxic commentary 24/7.

While we at the Register are called to report both the good and the bad, ever striving to balance justice and charity, we know that the hope we all seek is found by looking at the world through eyes of faith. When we do, we see that, despite the individuals and groups who would do the Church harm, heroes of the faith abound. And 2019 was no exception.

Father Jean-Marc Fournier risked his life during the horrific fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, running into the burning edifice to remove the Blessed Sacrament and the relic of the Crown of Thorns that was housed there. Christian Brother James Miller, who spent the last years of his life bringing Christ to the poor in Central America, was beatified, a martyr for the faith.

And there were less visible heroes, but heroes, nonetheless: The Kleins, Christian bakers who fought the Oregon government for their right to religious freedom and won; those generous Catholic foster families who opened their homes and their hearts and changed lives forever; and the hospice nurses who cared for their patients with dignity and prepared them to meet Christ in the next life.

As we move into 2020, we renew our commitment to shine a light on both the corruption that stains the Church and the sanctity and virtue of those who are its leaven.

Let us pray for the vision to see through the eyes of faith and each do our part to heal the body of Christ. In Jesus we find our hope — always.

God bless you!

via National Catholic Register 

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