• Dupont: I was ‘absolutely’ unaware Seattle man was planning suicide

    A priest who was photographed blessing a man who planned to commit suicide said Friday that he was unaware of the man’s intentions, and that if he had known what the man was planning, he would have acted differently. “I believe that life is a gift. I believe that it is a gift from God and... Read more
  • When Joseph Stalin’s Daughter Became Catholic

    Svetlana Stalin, the daughter of the murderous dictator Joseph Stalin, renounced materialism and converted to Catholicism. Joseph would not have approved. In fact, Svetlana once reportedly told an editor of National Review that “my father would have shot me for what I have done.” Joseph... Read more
  • Hindu nationalists accuse Catholic retreat center of ‘forced conversions’

    MUMBAI, India - Catholic officials in India have rejected accusations that a retreat center in the southern state of Karnataka is promoting the conversion of Hindus. Sharan Pumpwell, the secretary of the ultranationalist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad, called for the state government to shut... Read more
  • Healed aneurysm investigated as possible miracle for Creole nun’s beatification

    Little Rock, Ark., Aug 30, 2019 / 03:30 am (CNA).- In December 2017, 19 year-old Arkansas college student Christine McGee was rushed to the hospital by her mother. Christine had fallen ill with what turned out to be an aneurysm, and it looked like she was going to die. Once at the hospital,... Read more
  • China’s one-child policy will leave lasting damage, expert warns

    Beijing, China, Aug 29, 2019 / 04:05 pm (CNA).- Although China announced it was ending its one-child policy in 2015, the effects of the communist regime’s controversial measure will be felt for generations to come, an expert has warned. Amid renewed calls for population control in the face... Read more
  • Sinners challenging sinners, with love

    Today, faithful Catholics more and more frequently face difficult decisions about whether to speak-up when family members, friends, co-workers, and others turn away from their Catholic faith in various ways, such as attempting marriage outside of the Church, espousing views that are opposed to... Read more
  • Benedict XVI responds to criticism of his essay on the Church and the sexual abuse crisis

      Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has responded to criticism of his essay on the abuse crisis, saying many negative reactions have confirmed his central thesis that apostasy and alienation from the Faith are at the heart of the crisis – by not even mentioning God in their critique of his... Read more
  • Catholic Journalist: Buffalo Sex-Abuse Scandal Is ‘Perfect Storm of Horrible Things’

    More than a year ago, practicing Catholic and award-winning investigative reporter Charlie Specht broke a scandalous cover-up of clerical sexual misconduct in the Diocese of Buffalo under Bishop Richard Malone, with the help of Siobhan O’Connor, the bishop’s then-secretary. Since then, the... Read more
  • Cardinal Achille Silvestrini dies at age 95

    [caption id="attachment_84274" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Ashton Glancy/CNA.[/caption] Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, former prefect of the Congregation for Eastern Churches and a long-time Vatican diplomat, died at his home in the Vatican Aug. 29 at the age of 95. Silvestrini served in... Read more
  • One Academic to Others: A Brief for Prudence on the Case of the John Paul II Institute

    Much has been written about the decision to reconstitute the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences in Rome. I do not believe the point has been sufficiently made that the graduates of the institute in Rome, and of those elsewhere as well, have made... Read more