• Trump to Protect Religious Freedom of Health Workers With New HHS Division

    The Department of Health and Human Services has unveiled a new division meant to defend the conscience rights of medical professionals who may hold moral or religious objections to things like abortions or gender reassignment surgery. Known as the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division,... Read more
  • On Iraq’s Nineveh Plains, a 10-year-old girl dares to dream again

    Ten-year-old Helda Khalid Jacob Hindi, a fifth grader, is not at a loss for words. She is passionate about her life, her future and the future of her loved ones. Helda and her family—mom, dad and a younger brother—recently moved back to Qaraqosh on Iraq’s Nineveh Plains, after spending... Read more
  • What’s at stake when Francis and Erdogan sit down to talk Turkey

    ROME - While there are many things to marvel over about Pope Francis, one clearly has to be his ability to multi-task. At the moment he’s in Chile, trying, among other aims, to repair the damage from clerical sexual abuse scandals in that Latin American country, but he still managed on Tuesday... Read more
  • Pope Marries Couple on Papal Plane in Chile

    Aboard The Papal Plane (AP) -- Pope Francis celebrated the first-ever airborne papal wedding on Thursday, marrying two flight attendants from Chile's flagship airline at 36,000 feet during a flight from Santiago.  Bride Paula Podest, 39, and groom Carlos Ciuffardi, 41, said "I do" after... Read more
  • Karen Gaffney Has Down Syndrome and a Doctorate, and Swam the English Channel

    Karen Gaffney was 6 years old when she learned she had Down syndrome. Some kids had been calling her names, and she didn’t understand why. Her parents decided to talk it over with her when she was in her favorite place — her grandparents’ home. “My mom told me sometimes people... Read more
  • Kindness Is Not the Same as Love

    Many decades ago, C.S. Lewis wrote about the problem of substituting kindness for love: We [speak] nowadays almost exclusively [of God’s] lovingness …. And by love, in this context, most of us mean kindness—the desire to see others happy …. What would really satisfy us would be a god... Read more
  • More Important than Food: St. Anthony’s Advice on Prayer

    Words have a certain staying power. Most of them are in one ear and out the other, but every once in a while words seriously hit home and have a lasting impact. Today the Church celebrates St. Anthony of Egypt, the “Father of Monks.” As a young man, he walked into a church one day and heard... Read more
  • What Persecution Is, and Isn’t, and How to Respond to Open Doors’ 2018 World Watch List

    Having just come out of the holiday season, many of you will likely remember recent rhetoric surrounding a certain conflict—one that some have called the “war on Christmas.” For those of you who aren’t aware or haven’t heard the news, some Christians felt they could not wish others... Read more
  • Syrian Bishop Miraculously Saved When a Bomb Landed on His Bed Seconds After He Got up

    A Syrian bishop in Damascus was miraculously saved from certain death when a bomb landed on his bed. The archbishop of the Maronite Catholic Church, Samir Nassar, had gotten up from his bed seconds before to use the bathroom. His home and other church buildings were hit during a... Read more
  • In Canada, new law could mean changing route of March for Life

    OTTAWA, Ontario - Pro-life advocates are making plans to address a new law in Ontario that will create “bubble zones” around abortion facilities and likely force the National March for Life in Ottawa to find a new route. The new law, which takes effect Feb. 1, establishes a 50-meter,... Read more