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The 2018 Synod: Key themes, deep tensions, and many questions

Despite the now ever-increasing number of reports and articles across the world about the preying on children and young people by priests and bishops (along with cover-ups, denials, and obstructions by various bishops), Pope Francis is going ahead with his latest synod, the Synod on Young People, The Faith, and Vocational Discernment, on October 3-28.

American Archbishop Chaput has said that he has written to Francis to advise him to put off the Synod because the bishops have no “credibility” on the subject of youth. He has now been joined by American bishops Burns and Strickland. In addition, Dutch Bishop Rob Mutsaerts, elected as a delegate to the Synod by the Dutch bishops, has said that he will not attend the Synod because “he does not find the right time to keep a synod about young people” in light of “the investigation and the news about sexual abuse.” Chaput recently published a critique of the working document, Instrumentum Laboris, for the youth synod, and earlier today Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the secretary general of an upcoming Synod, criticized that text, saying, “I do not think [the abuse crisis] is an impediment,” adding that it is perhaps a “providential opportunity… to show to young people and everyone else what the Church is.” So, the Catholic Church is going to make statements about youth in the midst of its absolute crisis about preying on and despoiling youth?

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