• Friday Funny: VeggieTales Returns In Explosive Michael Bay Reboot

    HOLLYWOOD, CA— Paramount Pictures has signed with action franchise powerhouse Michael Bay to reimagine a new live action feature of VeggieTales, now stylized VEGGIETALES, sources reported Wednesday. “The studio is looking at this as its next huge franchise, like Ninja Turtles,” said one... Read more
  • Where did the Holy Family live in Egypt?

    It is easy to forget that part of Jesus’ early childhood was spent outside of Bethlehem and the Holy Land. Forced into exile by King Herod, the Holy Family fled to Egypt and lived there for several years. It is fascinating to think about this time in Jesus life. Did Jesus see the ancient... Read more
  • What the Failure of Russian Liberalism Means for Us

    A century on, the Russian Revolution still looms like a shadow from the past. Rather surprisingly, in a way, since the Cold War has been over for nearly three decades. Yet there is something enduringly fascinating and even romantic about the Russian Revolution: the collapse of tsarism, the mass... Read more
  • Catholic Church in Taiwan Building Bridges Under Menace of Forced Unification

    WASHINGTON — For close to 70 years, the Catholic Church has been quietly involved on the island of Taiwan, working in the vineyards as an existential geopolitical question about the island’s status — is it an independent nation or a piece of mainland China? — hums in the... Read more
  • Radical Hindus Assault Christians In India

    Christians living in the Chhattisgarh state in India were assaulted by Hindu extremists while participating in a prayer service. The radicals bullied, threatened, and attacked citizens attending the event, including women. The Tarra Kopra village prayer service was blocked by Hindu extremists... Read more
  • He used to spit on those going to Mass – now he’s a priest

    Madrid, Spain, Dec 27, 2017 / 03:07 am (CNA/EWTN News).- After an anti-clerical childhood and adolescence, filled with hatred for the Church, Fr. Juan José Martínez says he discovered “that God exists and wants me as his priest.” “Sunday mornings I would peer out of the balcony of my... Read more
  • Six Things You Need to Know about Physician-Assisted Suicide

    It has been twenty years since Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law took effect after a public referendum. Since then, four other states have legalized physician-assisted suicide. Polls seem to show strong public support for physician-assisted suicide. They ask questions like this one... Read more
  • Some Questions About the Birth of Christ You May Not Have Thought to Ask

    During Christmas week we do well to ponder certain questions about the Incarnation and birth of our Lord. The questions are taken from St. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica. Whether Christ was born at a fitting time? (Summa Theologica III, q. 35, art. 8) There is this difference... Read more
  • Resolutions, Failures, and the New Year

    If you’re anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. Oh, you like the idea of course. Who doesn’t fantasize about completely overhauling one’s life with one simple choice? But as most of us know from experience, it’s not that easy. No matter how... Read more
  • Big Victory for Abortion Pill Reversal Training in California

    Facing intense political pressure from abortion activists, a major licensing agency stood its ground earlier this month and delivered a major victory for women facing unexpected pregnancies throughout the nation. In a written letter sent Dec. 19, the California Board of Registered Nursing... Read more