• Sex Education in California Sparks Culture Clash

    ‘This should not be viewed as a local issue, but one that will be coming up in every school district across the country,’ said one analyst, as immigrant parents lead the fight against a hotly debated curriculum. PALO ALTO, Calif. — A new sex-education curriculum has provoked opposition... Read more
  • How North Korea’s Political Ideology Became A De-Facto Religion

    On Tuesday, the highly insular North Korea conducted a massive artillery drill to mark the foundation of its military as tensions with the United States continued to escalate. Like many aspects of North Korea’s political and economic systems, its military came into being under the... Read more
  • Scripture Speaks: On the Road to Emmaus

    A Scripture lesson by a mysterious Stranger on a dusty road prepares two disciples to recognize the Risen Jesus in the breaking of bread; what did they learn? Gospel (Read Lk 24:13-35) Isn’t it interesting that when Jesus appeared to two “downcast” (Lk 24:17) disciples on Resurrection... Read more
  • Friday Funny: Hazmat On Scene Where College Student May Have Been Exposed To Opposing Worldview

    BERKELEY, CA—The University of California, Berkeley campus has been evacuated and a hazardous materials team has quarantined the specific location where a college student may have been exposed to a worldview different from her own early Thursday. According to firsthand accounts, local... Read more
  • The Hope That Banishes Fear

    Our frailty and our diffidence never cease to make objections. We are so inclined to mistrust. To be anx­ious seems to us so natural a thing that often we try to withdraw from the peace that God has given us. We wonder if it can be an illusion; we scrutinize to see whether we may not have... Read more
  • “Smoking gun” proving Ottoman complicity in Armenian genocide claimed

    A Turkish historian claims to have the “smoking gun” that will prove complicity of the Ottoman government in the genocide of one and a half million Armenians in the early 20th century. Taner Akcam, a historian at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, who is known as the “Sherlock... Read more
  • Why Educated Christians Are Sticking With Church

    The idea is peppered through the writings of scholars, great thinkers, and New Atheist-types: Education is the cure for religion. Freud wrote that civilization “has little to fear from educated people and brain-workers” who have rejected religion. And “if religious instruction were not... Read more
  • For the First Time, Russia Ranked Among Worst Violators of Religious Freedom

    Russia’s ongoing crackdown on religious minorities, foreign missionaries, and evangelists has earned it a spot among the worst countries in the world for religious freedom. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), which flags religious freedom violators for the State... Read more
  • Virtue Signaling is the Opposite of Virtue

    On April 12, the attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra, said that North Carolina will remain on the list of states to which California employees may not travel using state money. The reason for the ban is simple: California wants you to know how virtuous it is. In other words, the state... Read more
  • Jim Harbaugh: My priorities are ‘faith, then family, then football’

    Vatican City, Apr 26, 2017 / 12:27 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Former NFL quarterback Jim Harbaugh, now head coach for the University of Michigan football team, is also a Roman Catholic – and he said Wednesday that faith plays a major role in his life. “The role that (faith) plays in my life is in... Read more