• Overcoming conflict in a post-truth age

    Is dialogue still possible in this age of post-truth politics and fake news? By “dialogue” I mean the human, civilized and respectful way through which individuals are supposed to overcome their differences. The alternative is, of course, through the exercise of coercion and violence. And... Read more
  • What the New Testament’s Baptisms Teach Us About the Magisterium

    In my previous article, I noted the great Anglican apologist, C. S. Lewis' “real reason” for not becoming a Catholic. He wrote in 1944 that “to accept your Church means, not to accept a given body of doctrine, but to accept in advance any doctrine your Church hereafter produces.” I then... Read more
  • Governor: ‘Put abortion rights in New York constitution’

    [caption id="attachment_77742" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Via governor.ny.gov[/caption] New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday called for a state constitutional amendment to codify abortion rights should Roe vs Wade be overturned, the latest idea from Democrats eager to push back against... Read more
  • Christians Not Welcome in India

    Why would India block foreign donations to help poor children? The answer is Hindutva. On January 13th, Compassion International told the sponsors of 130,000 Indian children that, barring an unlikely turn of events, it would cease operations in India in mid-March. The announcement came a... Read more
  • The Babel Story is about Speaking the Truth

    As a small child the tale of Babel’s tower seemed a large story, one filled with men who were wicked and a god who was powerful. Yet the actual biblical account is tersely told in only nine lines. It turns out that the actual text does not reflect the grandeur of a child’s imagination. In... Read more
  • Padre Pio bore the stigmata, but one secret wound was more painful than the others

    Padre Pio is one of the few saints who has suffered the wounds of Christ’s Passion in his body, the stigmata. In addition to the wounds of the nails and the spear, St. Pio was also given the laceration that Our Lord endured on his shoulder, a wound caused by carrying the cross, which we know... Read more
  • This rousing Stranger Things acceptance speech was just one of many defiant voices at the SAG Awards

      On one of the most politically charged weekends in recent US history, it might have been tempting for the celebrities at the Screen Actors Guild Awards to retreat into the fictional stories they were celebrating. But instead, from the awards' opening beats, they didn't shy away from the... Read more
  • Trump’s Order on Refugees: Mostly Right on Substance, Wrong on Rollout

    [caption id="attachment_77663" align="aligncenter" width="800"] US President Donald Trump (PA)[/caption] On Friday, Donald Trump signed an executive order halting admission of refugees for 120 days and halting travel from seven majority-Muslim countries — Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya,... Read more
  • What does Syrian refugee ban mean for Christians such as Stefano?

    When news broke of President Donald Trump’s executive order indefinitely halting admission of Syrian refugees to the United States, a move allegedly justified by the need to be sure that potential terrorists aren’t slipping through the cracks, I flashed on a remarkable encounter my Crux... Read more
  • Could Mary be getting a new title this year?

    Earlier this month, the International Marian Association submitted a request to Pope Francis, asking for the public recognition of the title of Mary as “Co-Redemptrix with Jesus the Redeemer.” The 10 page document was submitted by the Theological Commission of the International Marian... Read more