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12th Video Catches Planned Parenthood Aborting Intact Late-Term Babies to Sell as Parts

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The Center for Medical Progress released a new undercover video Tuesday just a day before the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a monumental case on abortion.

The 12th video (watch below)  in the series shows new footage of Jennefer Russo, medical director at Planned Parenthood in Orange County, California, describing to undercover investigators how her abortion business tries to harvest intact aborted babies’ bodies for a local for-profit biotech company and changes the abortion procedure to do so.

“The fact that a community like Orange County, CA, is open for business for baby body parts makes clear the need for law enforcement and elected officials to hold Planned Parenthood accountable,” said David Daleiden, CMP Project Lead. “And as the Supreme Court prepares to hear a landmark abortion business regulation case, Planned Parenthood’s baby parts scheme sends an urgent message about the critical need for states to have strong regulatory authority over the abortion industry.”

Undercover investigators with CMP met Russo on Feb. 27, 2015, posing as a fetal tissue procurement company seeking to do business with Planned Parenthood. Russo performs abortions up to 24 weeks at the California abortion facility, according to CMP.

In the video, Russo confirms that her Planned Parenthood affiliate is currently working with a local biotech company called Da Vinci Biosciences, LLC in California to supply aborted fetal body parts.

The biotech company has partnered with the local Planned Parenthood affiliate since 2008, according to CMP. Interestingly, Planned Parenthood Orange & San Bernardino Counties’ 2008 Annual Report lists Da Vinci Biosciences as one of its major financial donors.

In the video, Russo says Da Vinci takes “the whole specimen.”

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