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Our 100-Day Obsession Only Makes The Presidency More Powerful

For all his condemnations of Obama’s energetic presidency, Trump feels pressured to be just as energetic, or more so, in the first 100 days of his own.

Back when Barack Obama was still president, the Right condemned his endless onslaught of executive orders at every turn. Many conservatives lambasted the lack of constitutionality and rampant misuse of executive power his actions represented. Donald Trump himself rebuked Obama for his strident use of executive orders.

The New York Times noted that Obama “sought to reshape the nation with a sweeping assertion of executive authority and a canon of regulations that have inserted the United States government more deeply into American life.” They add, “he created the kind of government neither he nor the Republicans wanted — one that depended on bureaucratic bulldozing rather than legislative transparency. But once Mr. Obama got the taste for it, he pursued his executive power without apology, and in ways that will shape the presidency for decades to come.”

It seems the Times was right. Despite his protests in the past, Trump has actually signed more executive orders in his first 100 days than Obama did in his.

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