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10 Women from the Bible who lived out the feminine genius

The phrase “feminine genius” appears frequently in popular Catholic writings, especially since St. John Paul II used it in his 1995 Letter to Women. But what does it actually mean? Perhaps the best way to understand the feminine genius is to see it put into practice.

At first glance, “feminine genius” might seem to connote a flowery and superficial idea of womanhood. But nothing could be further from the truth. The phrase describes women’s real and vital ability to cooperate with God in his plan of salvation, using their specifically womanly gifts to battle evil and work for good.

An engaging new book, The Supreme Vocation of Women According to St. John Paul II, wonderfully illustrates what the feminine genius looks like in action. The author, Melissa Maleski, succinctly lays out the Catholic Church’s consistent and profound vision of women.

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