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Ave Maria Radio Hosts Defenders of the Catholic Faith Forums


May 6, 2015

Ave Maria Radio is excited to announce that Steve Ray’s Defenders of the Catholic Faith Forums will now be hosted on the Ave Maria Radio website. The Forums, which are a Catholic Message Board originally started by popular film-maker and pilgrimage host, Steve Ray, have been quite popular over the years. Due to his busy schedule, Ray decided to donate the Forums to Ave Maria Radio and hopes the transition will be smooth for everyone.

Ave Maria Radio President, Al Kresta, remarked: “I’m  excited about the addition of the Forums to our website. We are planning on unveiling a whole new website in the next few months, and the Forums are a great addition.”

For now, you can visit the Forums on the Ave Maria Radio website here: http://forums.avemariaradio.net/


Catholic in America: Christendom is Gone; Long Live the Christ’s Church


The Michigan Catholic

May 1, 2015

Al Kresta

Public relations guru Sam Singer is proud of his reputation as a cynical manipulator. In his world, power always trumps truth. Public opinion is always sweeter than authentic knowledge. Right now, Singer is pitting sacramentalized but unevangelized San Francisco Catholics against their “hateful, intolerant archbishop,” whom he compares with racist Southern governors during Jim Crow.

Singer even circulated a petition among uncatechized Catholics to force Continue Reading

Catholic in America: Politics and Misrepresentation Over ‘Conversion Therapy’


The Michigan Catholic

April 17, 2015

Al Kresta

Politics organizes our common civic life together. In contrast, the sciences figure out how the material universe works. Questions about evolution, global warming, the cause of dinosaur extinction (I’m told it wasn’t smoking or drinking but perhaps some other lifestyle issue) or whether homosexuals can be “converted” into heterosexuals are scientific, not political or theological, questions. Such questions cannot be settled by popular vote, political decree or Scripture quotes. Nevertheless, President Obama is politicizing science and wants to outlaw “conversion” therapies for Continue Reading

Spring Membership Drive

Description: This video outlines the mission and goals for our Spring Membership Drive.

Catholic in America: Jewish Conductor Recalls Powerful Influence of St. John Paul II


The Michigan Catholic

March 31, 2015

Al Kresta

“Music comes where words fail” said St. John Paul II to American Jewish conductor Sir Gilbert Levine. I recently interviewed Levine and delighted in his story of their relationship and collaboration. It was wonderfully improbable and bore all the markings of a providential appointment.

A Brooklyn-born Jew, Levine was 40 years old before he ever met a Catholic Continue Reading

Catholic in America: Looking for Happiness? Find God. He has it.


The Michigan Catholic

March 20, 2015

Al Kresta

In the spring of 203, a new era in human happiness began. A young North African woman was taken into custody by Roman soldiers in Carthage, in modern Tunisia. Her name? Perpetua, 22 years old, from a good family, educated, married and nursing a child. She and a small group of companions, including her personal slave, Felicitas, defied the emperor’s decree forbidding conversion to Christ. They were promptly rewarded with a violent death.

On March 7, Perpetua, Felicity and their group was fed to wild animals, mauled, Continue Reading

Things Jesus Never Said …

March 19, 2015

rich young ruler“Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?”

“You do not have to do anything. You are saved by faith alone.”

Mark 10:17-22



Catholic in America: They Asked Me How I Pray


The Michigan Catholic

March 6, 2015

Al Kresta

A friend told me he had been to a blog which featured a section called, “How I Pray.” He added that another friend of mine, Steve Greydanus, a film critic whom I interview regularly, had challenged me to write a similar column. When I said that sounded a bit strange, he said it would be even stranger not to respond, since apparently this blog feature was getting a lot of traction.

The first question was: “What is your prayer routine for an average day?”

Questions about my personal prayer life make me anxious for two reasons. First, Jesus Continue Reading

Brittany Maynard: Death With Dignity’s New Face

February 26, 2015

Advocates of euthanasia, or “Death with Dignity,” say their cause is all about reducing the suffering of a sick person and their family. They argue that by allowing patients to die “on their own terms,” euthanasia eliminates the suffering of all involved. Wesley Smith disagrees. A true dignified death can be realized by eliminating the suffering, not the sufferer.

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